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Limited Liability Company Miras Financial Company (LLC MFC) is a subsidiary of Mir Business Bank. LLC «MFC» (authorized capital of 10 million RUBles) was established on 04.02.2021 in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, for the purpose of financing individuals and legal entities.

The main transactions of LLC «MFC» are carried out within the framework of Islamic agreements and according to the canons of Sharia.

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Payment calculator

Date of paymentAmount of payment
Asset`s value
Advance payment 0 RUB.
Term 12 мес
0 RUB. An initial fee
0 RUB. Total debt
0 RUB. Monthly payment

    These calculations are approximate. The exact amount of monthly payments depends on factors such as the type of product, cost, term, collateral and the client’s ability to pay.

    Stages of registration


    The client submits an application to Miras

    An application form is filled in, which includes personal data, information about the client’s income and employment, the purpose of attracting financing, the type of property (goods) being acquired, the financing period and repayment procedure, the proposed security.

    The application must be accompanied by the necessary documents: identity, constituent, legal, financial. In addition, documents for the pledged property may be required). Clients are paid in advance of MINIMUM 10% OF THE COST OF THE GOODS.


    Consideration of the client’s request and the documents provided by him

    The creditworthiness of a potential client is assessed, the authenticity of the documents provided is checked, and a decision is made to conclude a transaction. In case of a positive decision, the Agreement is concluded, in case of a negative decision, the prepayment previously made by the Client is returned.


    Miras company buys goods for a client

    If a positive decision is made, an agreement is concluded between the Client and MFC LLC. It indicates the type of purchased goods, the amount of the transaction, the return period, the return procedure and other conditions. In addition, a pledge or surety agreement can be drawn up if additional guarantees are required for the transaction.

    At this stage, Miras buys the product necessary for the client (with the declared characteristics and from the official dealer presented on the company’s website), having paid its full cost.


    Miras sells the goods to the client and transfers the ownership to him

    The ownership of the goods purchased by Miras passes to the client under the Murabaha agreement (immediately after the conclusion of the agreement) or Ijara bi shart at-tamlik (upon the expiration of the agreement and the client fulfilling all obligations).


    Payment of monthly payments by the client

    Payment of the cost of goods by the client in installments. After full payment under the Agreement, the pledge is withdrawn, the agreement is considered fulfilled.


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