In its activities, LLC «MFС» carries out deals that comply with the principles of partner (Islamic) banking, using the experience of experts who are members of the Shariah Council:

Нургалеев Рустам Маратович

Nurgaleev Rustam Maratovich

  • Chief Secretary of the Council of Ulema of the SAM RT;
  • Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of «Kazan Islamic University»;
  • Advisor to the Chief Kazyi of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Master of Islamic Law;
  • PhD of Islamic Sciences.
Мубараков Булат Русланович

Mubarakov Bulat Ruslanovich

  • Kadiy of Kazan;
  • Head of the Shariah Department of the SAM RT;
  • Member of the Council of Ulema of the SAM RT;
  • Imam-khatib of the Ahmadzaki Mosque;
  • Master’s Degree in Finance;
  • Certified Expert of the Organization for accounting and audit for Islamic Financial Institutions AAOIFI