The Limited Liability Company «Miras Financial Company» (LLC «Miras FC») is a subsidiary of the Joint Stock Company «Mir Business Bank» (JSC «MB Bank»). LLC «Miras FC» (authorized capital of 10 million rubles) was established on 04.02.2021 in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, for the purpose of financing individuals and legal entities.

The main participant of LLC «Miras FC» (99.99% share) is the Joint Stock Company «Mir Business Bank».

MB Bank JSC is a bank with a universal license of the Bank of Russia (No. 3396 of May 23, 2018). The bank`s russian rating is rubb +. JSC «MB Bank» carries out all types of banking operations. One of the main tasks of the bank is servicing foreign trade between Russia and Iran. The Bank currently operates in Moscow (head office), Astrakhan and Kazan.

The main mission of LLC «Miras FC»: «To play a key role in the development of Islamic finance in Tatarstan and Russia».

The main transactions of LLC «Miras FC» are carried out within the framework of Islamic agreements (Murabaha, Ijara Muntahia bi at-tamlik,…) and according to the canons of Sharia in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

The scope of activity of LLC «Miras FC» is financing for the purchase of vehicles, industrial, medical, agricultural and road construction equipment and machinery. Our clients are any individuals and legal entities interested in Islamic services and goods on the territory of the Russian Federation.