Mir business bank

Joint Stock Company Mir Business Bank (JSC MB Bank) was registered in January 2002, license for banking operations No. 3396 was issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on April 15, 2002.

Link to the website: www.mbbru.ru/

Сейед Саид Вакили


LLC «PANOMARIX» carries out activities in the field of export-import operations. The company is showing excellent results developing trade relations within the framework of the Eastern and European partnership. Today «PANOMARIX» has an impeccable reputation as an exporter of grain and oilseeds to the countries of North Africa and the Middle East and an importer of dried fruits and vegetables and nuts in the Russian Federation.

Website link: www.panomarix.ru/



Компания Тюбетей — вкусный бренд Татарстана — это первая татарская халяльная сеть ресторанов быстрого питания. Сегодня Тюбетей имеет в своём составе 6 ресторанов в Казани, фабрику-кухню, интернет-магазин и службу доставки.

Ссылка на сайт: www.tubatay.com


National Bank of Iran

«National Bank of Iran», (Bânk-e Melli-ye Irân) is the first national and commercial retail bank of Iran. It is considered as the largest Iranian company in terms of annual income with a revenue of 364 657 billion Rials in 2016. It is the largest bank in the Islamic world and in the Middle East.

Website link: www.bmi.ir


Mir Business Club

Mir Business Club is a professional business community that brings together owners and top managers of Russian and international companies. Club members are conscientious participants in international trade and economic relations who are actively involved in creating a favorable business environment and are interested in promoting and developing business in Iran, the countries of the Persian Gulf and the states of the region. We support the business interests of participants in various business sectors.

Link to the site: https://mirclub.org/



Since 2001, the company GC «IntechService» has been successfully developing and actively creating a culture of operating equipment from Chinese manufacturers in various industries of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia, incl. for the needs of agricultural enterprises. For more than 20 years, we have been one of the strategic partners of the largest Chinese concern XCMG, and we are also the official dealer of FAW Trucks. Our priorities are a wide range, affordable prices, high quality and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. We always have more than 100 units of equipment in stock at our warehouses, and we can also supply any model of interest. You can count on support on all issues: consultation, sales, leasing, rental, service and spare parts. We guarantee convenient and fair terms of cooperation!

Link to the website: https://intehkranservis.clients.site



ООО «ТД «ЭМИЗ» является эксклюзивным поставщиком и производителем инновационной продукции, изготовленной из натурального виноградного сырья в категории товаров «Здоровое питание» и сертифицирована в соответствии с нормами и требованиями стандарта «Халяль».

Website link: https://emiz.ru



ООО «Агрармолтранс» является официальным дистрибьютором завода SunheCrane в России. Специализируется на продаже подъёмной строительной техники, такой как краны-манипуляторы на базе КАМАЗ, МАЗ, Dongfeng, JMC, JAC, Isuzu.

Website link: https://sunhecrane.ru