The financial group «Mir Business,» including the Joint Stock Company «Mir Business Bank,» the Limited Liability Company «Financial Company Miras,» and the Limited Liability Company «Mir Business Club,» took part in the XV International Economic Forum «RUSSIA — ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZANFORUM,» which took place at the Kazan Expo Center from May 14 to 19 of this year. The forum was attended by the CEO of JSC «MB Bank,» Mohammad Esmaeil Hazzar, as well as other executives of the financial group.

A special focus at the forum was drawn to the booth of the Mir Business Group, designed in the style of ancient Iranian and Islamic architecture. The company’s booth attracted distinguished guests, including the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation Kazem Jalali, the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazan Davud Mirzakhani, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan Midkhat Shagiakhmetov, and other high-ranking state and religious figures.

The visit to the Mir Business Group’s booth sparked enthusiasm and admiration among forum participants, representatives of the business and political elite. The company’s participation in such a significant event was an important step in strengthening business ties and expanding partnership relations within the framework of Russian-Islamic economic cooperation.

During the XV International Economic Forum «RUSSIA — ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZANFORUM,» representatives of the Mir Business Group actively engaged in negotiations with major Russian and foreign companies. Among them were well-known organizations such as PJSC «KAMAZ,» LLC «Sahar RU,» and many others.

The negotiations at the forum allowed participants to establish new business contacts, discuss potential joint projects, and expand cooperation among participants. Meetings with representatives of large companies contribute to business development, exchange of experiences, and the creation of new opportunities for cooperation in various sectors of the economy.

The participation of the Mir Business Group in one of Russia’s largest economic forums underscores its commitment to active participation in international business processes and the development of partnership relations at the global level.