The CEO of the Joint Stock Company «Mir Business Bank,» Mohammad Esmaeil Hazzar, participated in a plenary session on the topic of «Partnership Financing in Russia: New Experience, First Assessments.» The event was organized with the participation of high-ranking guests, including the Head of the Republic of Tatarstan, representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

During the session, Mr. Hazzar presented the current practices and experience of the company in the field of partnership financing. He elaborated on the activities of the LLC «Miras FC,» showcased statistical data on transactions concluded under Murabaha and Mudaraba contracts, and presented the volumes of financing carried out by the company.

The experts and representatives of leading financial organizations present at the session highly appreciated the activities of the Miras Financial Company, noting the innovative approach and successful practices of the company in the field of partnership financing. The participation of the CEO in such an event underscored the importance of developing and enhancing financial instruments at the national level.

The Head of the Republic of Tatarstan particularly highlighted the activities of the Miras company, emphasizing that it was established with foreign investments from Iran. This fact underscored the significance of foreign investments for the development of financial structures and attracting foreign partners. In his speech, the head of the republic emphasized the need to utilize the international experience of Islamic banks to improve financial instruments and create favorable conditions for the development of the financial system.

The support for attracting foreign investments and leveraging international experience emphasized the importance of global cooperation in the financial sector and led to new prospects for the development of partnership financial relations and the Islamic banking sector in Russia.